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Report: Bill Gates Was Told to Stop Emailing Female Employees

The 'Wall Street Journal' reports that Microsoft president Brad Smith confronted Gates more than a decade ago.


The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2008, after becoming aware that billionaire Bill Gates had sent "inappropriate" messages to a female employee in 2007, current Microsoft president Brad Smith and former HR chief Lisa Brummel confronted the founder, who agreed to stop emailing female employees.

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Business Insider reached out to Gates for comment, and was told by a Gates spokesman, "These claims are false, recycled rumors from sources who have no direct knowledge, and in some cases have significant conflicts of interest."

Per the Wall Street Journal's reporting:

After Bill and Melinda French Gates announced they were divorcing, multiple outlets reported the Microsoft founder engaged in inappropriate behavior with female employees.

Microsoft's board hired a law firm in 2019 to investigate if Gates had an affair with a female engineer in 2000.

Gates met with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions.

Gates stepped down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway in 2020.