Despite a Server Crash, This Token's Overall Valuation Is $25M

Despite the initial technical challenges, the Bonuz achieved its target goal of $250,000 within three hours where the seed investors repeatedly tried dozens of times till their money finally went through

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On July 8, 2021, Dubai-based entrepreneur Matthias Mende launched the first presale round of his new venture Bonuz. More than two thousand people signed up for the event with hundreds landing on the platform at the exact same time. Mostly from the founders own Instagram channel. Within 30 seconds after the presale countdown, the servers crashed. Despite the initial technical challenges, the Bonuz achieved its target goal of $250,000 within three hours where the seed investors of Mende repeatedly tried dozens of times till their money finally went through.


The Bonuz team and founder ensured that everyone who participated in the presale had all their questions answered and were recognized for their support. For three days following the event, Mende personally replied to more than 300 Bonuz Market backers.

Mende shared, “The vision of Bonuz is vast. It begins with a celebrity token launchpad with its very own ecosystem that gives fans access to unique content from their favourite celebrities in their private channels. This type of platform has never existed before and also generates additional income for celebrities. This is an important feature in today’s digital world because many people (celebrities, influencers and all types of creators) solely rely on the major social media platforms for their income. However, if Facebook, Instagram or YouTube suddenly shut down their servers, their business would stop. Besides that, it's important that the fans receive a new environment of interaction as never before, Q&A, priority access to events and virtual events with celebrity shop discounts all by owning the limited celebrity token. Even there will be some type of NFT play, just at Bonuz it’s going to be just so advanced to those currency mostly useless simply artistic NFTs.” 

The presale was a success without traditional marketing, press or media coverage. Not even a paper needed to be published. Currently, Bonuz has sold enough tokens to reach a $25 million token valuation, the Bonuz team is planning an amazing roadmap ahead that includes the official token launch by the end of 2021. The token ecosystem is based on BSC and Solana. In the later stages of the roadmap, there will be digital avatars of celebrities in a metaverse. $BONUZ will be the native Token on the Bonuz platform, the same way $BNB is the native Token on Binance or $FTT is the native token of the FTX Exchange. 

Ecosystem Builder Mende is known for his disruptive ideas which have the potential to make a positive change in the world. Mende’s past projects include enterprise blockchain implementations for governments and multi-billion dollar enterprises. Currently, he also advises the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, the highest government-related blockchain office in the UAE which educates and helps to develop the strategy for the UAE’s horizons of implementations of Blockchain and Technology.

Stay tuned to the official social media handles of Bonuz to not miss out on the important updates and the upcoming public rounds. The server crash has proven how huge the demand is and the future seems brighter day by day.

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