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Jeff Bezos Goes After Leonardo DiCaprio Over Video With Bezos' Girlfriend: 'Come Over Here'

A clip of the interaction is making its rounds and prompted a cheeky response from the Amazon founder.


The love triangle you quite literally never saw coming!

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Despite recent posts pertaining to his space-exploration missions and meetings with world leaders about climate change, billionaire Jeff Bezos is a relatively quiet social-media presence. But he did take to Twitter over the weekend to respond to a video shared by Barstool Sports featuring himself, his partner Lauren Sanchez and a very unlikely celebrity.

The six-second clip shows Bezos standing next to Sanchez, who is looking up admirably at none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who at one point plafyully shakes his finger at Sanchez.

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“Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” the original Barstool tweet — which has received more than 26,500 likes as of this writing — was captioned. But the Amazon executive chairman and Blue Origin founder playfully hit back by reposting the Tweet and adding some commentary of his own.

“Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…,” Bezos wrote before tagging the Academy Award-winning actor.

He accompanied his caption with a photo of himself donning sunglasses and a baseball cap, standing casually with arms folded over a sign that read, “Danger! Steep Cliff Fatal Drop."

Bezos’ tweet has since garnered in excess 210,700 likes and 36,100 retweets as of this story's publication, sending his followers into a frenzy. One user even theorized that the Pan AM logo on Bezos’ hat is an ironic nod to DiCaprio’s role in 2002’s Catch Me If You Can, where he plays a con artist who posed as a Pan Am pilot, among other fraudulent schemes.

“This Twitter interaction is a fever dream,” one user wrote.

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“With all the wealth you have in the world, you can’t buy a woman’s heart,” another joked.

Bezos has yet to receive a response from DiCaprio, who has since been Tweeting about the risks of drilling for oil and gas in the Okavango River Basin.

It’s been quite the past few months for Bezos and Sanchez, as the two recently rendezvoused on a romantic New York City getaway following Blue Origin’s successful launch on October 13, followed by news that the pair had purchased a massive compound in Maui, Hawaii that cost an estimated $78 million.

Many are waiting to see if Bezos’ longtime rival Elon Musk chimes in, as the two have been known to go at it on the platform.

As of early Tuesday morning, Bezos’ net worth was an estimated $203.5 billion.

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