2021, The Year That Was: Omar Al Gurg, Founder, Modu Method

"I hope to be able to help influence people in a direction, where they can be socially active, while they're getting their work done."

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Omar Al Gurg characterizes his design brand, Modu Method, as being suited “for people that like a little quirk,” and it’s thus to his credit that one cannot deny the touch of whimsy that he has infused into the furniture pieces he has created under the banner of his UAE-born label.

Modu Method
Omar Al Gurg, Founder, Modu Method

Consider, for instance, “Spike,” a wooden hanger that allows users to move its pegs anywhere on the piece, or “Gene,” which doubles up as both a stool and a side table, while also providing space for storage, should the need arise.

Playfulness therefore seems to be an integral aspect of the Modu brand, but that doesn’t take away from the pragmatic nature of its pieces either- and that’s perhaps indicative of how Al Gurg has gone about his own entrepreneurial journey as well.

Source: Modu Method 

“One of my biggest highlights this year includes me leaving a job I was learning a lot from, and starting Modu with no clue where it would take me,” Al Gurg confesses. “I had no prior knowledge of how I could run a business properly; however, I did come specifically from a design background, with some critical thinking skills that I learned from the family company. It has only been around a year and a half since Modu started taking shape, and the more it grows, the more I learn.”

Modu was one of the brands showcased at the UAE Designer Exhibition at this year’s edition of Downtown Design, held as part of the 2021 instalment of Dubai Design Week. Al Gurg’s pieces were -arguably- among the most eye-catching pieces at the event, with him recounting the entire experience as having been a rather fruitful one. “I think Design Week helped push Modu in the direction of growth,” Al Gurg remarks. “It has been an adventure, but it’s finally starting to be at a pace that is exciting.”

Source: Modu Method

2022 thus promises to be an eventful year for Modu, and Al Gurg is already geared up for the ride ahead. “The part I am most excited about in the new year is to be able to form a community,” he reveals. “I hope to be able to help influence people in a direction, where they can be socially active, while they’re getting their work done. The more the brand grows, the more I feel a sense of community and support that grows along with it. The new year should be filled with plenty of events and opportunities that Modu hopes to create, all through a platform that encourages coming together and having discussions that can turn into something greater. I aim to turn the brand into an entire lifestyle that will have products, yet also help encourage convenient living.”

Reflections 2021: Omar Al Gurg, Founder, Modu Method

This is your business- so, listen to your gut. “The reason I started Modu was because of a gut feeling I had, and the way I make creative decisions is by trusting my gut. I sometimes spend lots of time thinking about a particular decision, only to realize that my instinct probably had the best option to begin with.”

There will be some days that are slow, and some days that are fast- don't let either day put you off. “Sometimes, there are days that have nothing to do with Modu, and other times, I have weeks that have everything to do with it. It's a cycle, and the most important thing to remember is that there's always going to be something to work on.”

Believe in what you do, because if you don't, nobody will. “If you can't convince yourself that what you're doing is right, then how can you convince others?” 

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