Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging the NFT World In the Name Of Polar Bears

Arctic Bearz has created a one of its kind NFT project with 3,500 unique pieces of artwork aimed at grabbing the limelight once it launches officially

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Many buzzes have been created of late around the NFT space as projects associated with saving endangered species like polar bears are doing the rounds.


There have been quite a few sectors that have shown phenomenal growth in the past few years, NFT's (non-fungible tokens) being the foremost. With the fast-growing development and innovations that this industry has shown, there's no wonder many have embraced this sphere to catapult themselves to the next level of success. Numerous NFT projects have shone brightly in recent times, but one specific one drew our attention as it looked distinctive from most floating around the Metaverse. 

Created by a man named Zak, it is called 'Arctic Bearz.' When asked about where does he feel this project would take him in the future, Zak said that he is confident that his 'Arctic Bearz' will continue to make history in coming times as his team has created a one of its kind NFT project with 3,500 unique pieces of artwork aimed at grabbing the limelight once it launches officially.

The project primarily focuses on saving the polar bears, which are an endangered species and pose a threat from the climatic changes taking place at a fast pace. It aims at diverting a part of its sales proceeds towards charities working towards the welfare of these beasts. Currently, using the IMX NFT's, which is an open sea alternative slated to integrate into it at a later stage. The pre-sale will commence shortly with a total of 3,500 arctic bearz ready for minting. There's already a lot of buzz around the project as the entire collection looks distinct, and talks are on about its noble cause, which aims at saving polar bears. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest draws about this project is its integration with ImmutableX marketplace, a platform designed on the Ethereum blockchain, a first layer 2 for NFT’s, has zero gas fees, and is carbon neutral.

There have been several NFT projects in the past and at present, but none have been able to create the kind of buzz 'Arctic Bearz' has made, and its team is also confident that this one would take over the sector big time and reach pinnacles of success within no time of its launch. Moreover, it has shown extreme promise by standing up for a cause and doing a bit for the environment, which has been noticed by the entire NFT and Defi world. 

A portion of their profits will go to the WWF, which has been doing exceptional work in the area of animal welfare for decades. There are also plans to adopt polar bears for the community, with each member given adoption packs every week. They would also create an entire ecosystem of male, female, and baby bears, made via breeding. A few lucky winners and early adopters will be rewarded with free female bears with $50,000 distributed among the supporters, creating a carbon-neutral merchandise store and a lot more which will be revealed in due course of time.

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