Will Ethereum 'Merge' Emerge Victorious?

Ethereum is launching its much awaited software upgrade. Here are the things you should know about Merge

Saptak Bardhan

Odyssey, es el programa de lealtad de Starbucks usando NFT's

Con el objetivo de crear una nueva comunidad, la empresa de venta de café entrará a la tecnología Web3 con el programa Odyssey.

The Emergence of Europe's Leading NFT Hubs Points to a Continent Readying up for Web3

In embracing the non-fungible token technology, Europe may soon establish itself as market leader in this brave new world.

Dmytro Spilka

The Spotlight Is On The Next Digital Universe At The 42nd Edition of GITEX GLOBAL Running From 10-14 October, 2022 In Dubai

Organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre, the tech and startup event is set to be its largest ever edition with more than 4,000 exhibitors from 80 countries spanning across 25 fully booked halls.

Koibanx recaudó $22 millones de dólares en su Serie A y anuncia la primera plataforma low-code

La plataforma especializada en tokenización de activos y pagos blockchain de Latam celebra sus siete años en el ecosistema crypto con una exitosa ronda de inversión para seguir creciendo en la región.

Alexia Molina

How Crypto Education Can Boost the FinTech Industry

FinTech is growing, and now is the time for crypto companies to realize the acute need to educate their consumers.

Fuad Fatullaev

Rethinking Database Management: From Legacy To Decentralized Database Solutions

The amount of digital data is increasing exponentially, and legacy database management systems are simply not equipped to deal with this volume or data securely.

Yaydoo, la startup mexicana que fue adquirida por la compañía basada en blockchain Paystand

La startup mexicana Yaydoo, una de las 100 startups de más rápido crecimiento en el país, fue adquirida por la internacional Paystand basada en tecnología blockchain.

Holly Szakal

6 Ways Blockchain is Changing Online Education

Assessing the changes in online-based education brought about by the implementation of blockchain, with a peek at what the future holds.

Blockchain Will Change Your Marketing Strategy. Here's How.

Blockchain technology has the potential to trigger a new era of digital marketing accountability that will revolutionize the industry.

Jessica Wong

Shooting For The Moon: Carl Runefelt, Founder, The Moon Group

"We strive to identify and invest in founders that are building game-changing business models in the blockchain sector, and we look to support fast-executing, technical teams that positively impact the crypto space and build the decentralized web."

Tamara Pupic

Building For a Better India: Blockchain And Web 3.0

Tezos India is a hub for builders, creators, and innovators which aims to encourage the Indian developer community to create and scale novel projects on through its platform

Saptak Bardhan