Operations & Logistics

Why Blockchain Technology Hasn't Dominated the Supply Chain... Yet

Blockchain was believed to have transformative potential in supply chains, but surprisingly, this potential remains untapped years later. Uncover why..


Decentralized Education Platform Empowers Learners With Data Ownership, Unlocking Innovative Educational Experiences

Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) will deploy a US$10 million fund to onboard 100 education start-ups into the Open Campus ecosystem


Leadership In A Decentralized Age: Navigating The Opportunities Of Blockchain

Leaders are now in a digital landscape reshaped by blockchain, calling for a reevaluation of leadership paradigms amidst rapid technological evolution

Business News

Heading Toward a Multichain World

Why the isolated blockchains of today need Reactive Network for a unified tomorrow


Estados Unidos y los Emiratos Árabes sellaron alianza en pro de los activos digitales

Esta alianza impulsa la adopción global de activos digitales, promoviendo avances en tecnología blockchain y regulación financiera para el futuro de la Web 3.


Speaker, Blockchain Innovator, and Product of His Decisions

When blockchain technology was still young, Martin Thibeault made it a passion, inspired by its potential to decentralize business and offer opportunities to individuals the world over

Starting a Business

Why the United Kingdom is Poised to Dominate Europe's Tech Scene

For global entrepreneurs, pioneers and investors, the UK unfurls not just as a reasonable business landscape but as a chance to embed in a legacy being sculpted in real-time.

Science & Technology

Web3 in Europe: A Roadmap for True Digital Sovereignty?

There are many important factors to consider as the web evolves into a new digital era.


El potencial de la Web 3.0 en Latinoamérica: La clave para desbloquear el potencial de la región

Gracias a los avances de la Web 3.0, como la blockchain y la tecnología financiera, la región podría desbloquear su verdadero potencial con innovaciones para las diferentes necesidades.


Staying The Course: Pascal Gauthier, Chairman And CEO, Ledger

Ledger is a Paris-headquartered manufacturer of hardware cryptocurrency wallets that reportedly stores more than 20% of the world's crypto and 30% of the world's non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Por qué la próxima oleada al alza de las criptomonedas será como nada que hayamos experimentado antes

Estamos al borde de lo que podría ser la mayor transferencia de riqueza que haya ocurrido en la historia de la humanidad.

Science & Technology

How to Revolutionize Your Supply Chain by Harnessing the Power of Smart Technologies

Harnessing the power of IoT and smart technologies is a strategic move toward driving success and sustainability in supply chain management.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why the Next Crypto Bull Run Will Be Like Nothing We've Ever Experienced

We are on the precipice of what could be the greatest transfer of wealth that has ever happened in human history.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why Crypto is Back for Banks and Financial Institutions (and Why You Should Take Notice)

Crypto and blockchain products coming back down to earth has translated into heightened authentic interest from massive institutions that can take mass adoption to a new level.


3 Reasons Why Blockchain Needs to Be Bet on for the Future of Enterprises

It's safe to say, that blockchain has shown its capabilities and potential to India and the world. This is the sole reason why several governments and global corporations are open to adopting and implementing blockchain against the likes of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency tells us alot.