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Crypto Adoption to Next Level, Major Exchange Gets a Place on This Prominent Display

Major crypto exchange LBank advertised on the highly acclaimed TimesSquare NYC, Nasdaq Billboard, making the Chinese New Year more exciting and pleasant

Srivatsa KR

The Decentralization of Monopolized Marketplaces - How Technology Will Succeed Where Politics is Failing

The blockchain will decentralize established economic structures and return profits and power to the people.

Kurt Ivy

NFT Crowd, Rejoice! Twitter Kicks Off NFT Profile Pictures

An immersive virtual reality known as Metaverse is the most talked-about theme today. It is defined as a program-generated space, where people exist, work and entertain in the form of their avatars. From this perspective, there is a massive explosion of interest towards NFTs, particularly NFT avatars, bringing new projects such as The Novatar into life

Anirban Roy

How the Metaverse Projects Reality in a Virtual Environment

No, the blockchain isn't the point here. It's all about the simulations.

Blockchain Trends In 2022: Launchpads, Play2Earn Games, NFTs And Metaverse

Things which were until recently concepts without proof of working have become established frameworks

Evan Luthra

How Gary Vaynerchuk Sold 1 Million Books in 24 Hours, and You Can Too

To fully grasp Vaynerchuk's plan, you need to see all the puzzle pieces and how they've been guided into place by him and his team.

Scot Chrisman

How NFTs Have Changed Digital Art Forever

NFTs are demolishing the limiting paradigms of the art world.

This Talent Marketplace Is Using Crypto To Transform Work For Remote Engineers Globally

Outdefine is rewarding talent and transforming work using the ethos of 'one market, equal opportunity'

Anirban Roy

A Music And Dance NFT Project With Real Life Use Cases

Utopia Club NFT Collection is one that does great within the metaverse and beyond

Srivatsa KR

This 'Virtual Land' Project Is Dropping a New Token

Next Earth is a company that is creating a fully DAO-controlled, interoperable, totally democratized Metaverse where users have true digital ownership over their avatars

Rebecca Lee

Starting a Successful Startup: A Founder's Journey

Crypto Entrepreneur Rishabh Jain's journey in building Shiftal - a business for the misunderstood asset

Shishir Jajoo

Technology Is Already Disrupting Our Lives. What Will the Future Look Like?

From blockchain technology to self-driving cars, major advancements are here to stay -- and evolve.