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Blockchain Startup 5ire Turns Unicorn After Raising $100 Million in Series A

The fund raised will be utilized for business expansion and extending 5ire's footprint

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Here's What All Game Developers Need To Know Before Launching Their Own NFT Marketplace

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming industry, presenting a unique opportunity for game developers to build their own NFT marketplace. But what should they consider before taking the plunge?


Napster, la legendaria plataforma de música, se reinventa y ofrece criptomonedas y NFT's

La mítica plataforma que modificó para siempre al mundo de la música al inicio del milenio regresa transformada y apostándole a la música y los NFT's.


Jumpstarting Blockchain Adoption Through Education

Blockchain education in India is still at its infancy

News and Trends

Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Exclusive NFT Partnership With Binance

The first collection will be released later this year and will feature designs created in collaboration with the football great


'Like the Kickstarter of Crypto': This Company Launched a Crowdfunding Platform for Blockchain Projects

Lucas Mateu, the co-founder and CEO of Vent Finance, sits down with Entrepreneur.


¿Blockchain como fuerza del bien? La Conferencia EthBarcelona tiene un objetivo ambicioso y emocionante

El evento donará el 5% de la venta de las entradas a una organización de impacto social, que se decidirá a través de una votación que se le hará a la audiencia.


¿Qué es la Web 5.0 y por qué Jack Dorsey trabaja en ella?

Si la Web 3.0 se trató, entre otras cosas, de almacenamiento de datos descentralizados y protegidos por cadenas de bloque, la Web 5.0 apunta a la identidad única de los usuarios.

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Web 3.0 Will Fundamentally Change Tech — Once We Cross the Chasm

New technologies come and go. Will Web 3.0 last?

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From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: How These Entrepreneurs Made the Switch

Even established players are joining the blockchain revolution. You should as well.

Starting a Business

4 Ideas for Starting a Blockchain Business

Five years ago, I took my IRA investing company into the crypto space. You too can make similar moves to get active in this fun and fast-paced industry.

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Can Blockchain Help Fix Broken Supply Chains in 2022?

Blockchain in Supply Chain was a hot topic - then fell very quiet. Where is it today?

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Reshaping In-Game Experiences: Where Web3 Comes In

Web3 and Gaming: All You Should Need to Know

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How Blockchain Technology Is Changing the World From the Metaverse to NFTs

The dawn of Web 3.0 and the digital era.

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How to Save the Dying American Dream of Homeownership

What are the biggest problems facing the housing market today, and how can we fix them?