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RBI Asks Indian Banks To Prepare For the Future With AI and Blockchain

The Deputy Governor further adds that the future of banking will be shaped by the advancement in technology, leading to greater automation in business and processes, understanding the changing customer expectations, and being at par with the evolving regulatory scenarios.

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How This Company is Trying to Help Mainstream Users Navigate the Web3 Economy

The co-founder and CEO of AAG Ventures shares how his Web3 company is simplifying interactions with blockchain applications, and the metaverse, for mainstream users.

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IPO Bound Gaming Platform Yudiz Solutions Receives NSE Approval

Yudiz Solutions, which is already known to develop apps, is now said to be the first game developers to be publicly listed and have its own publishing platform

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Bitcoin Blockchain's Average Transaction Fees Surged 900% To Stand At $15.65

The primary reason behind this drastic increase is said to be the introduction of Ordinals onto the Bitcoin Network


Boost Your Business's Online Presence By Leveraging These Web3 Marketing Trends and Tactics

This in-depth guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate Web3 marketing.

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Blockchain Media Platform Raises $10M Funding

TABOO, the blockchain entertainment and media platform, has made headlines with its recent announcement of raising $10 million funding at a valuation of $250 million.

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LG Electronics Files For Patent Rights On TV Which Will Let Users Trade NFTs

The South Korean tech giant has taken another step in establishing itself in the Web3 space by filing for patent rights on its NFT-trading TV

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National Technology Day: 5 Things You Should Know Before Diving Deep into Web3 Technology

People across the globle wants to get a piece of Web3. But considering the fact that Web3 and Metaverse are new segments, we have five expert opinions you should read before diving deep into the game

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Amazon Web Services Commits $250,000 To 50 Polkadot Projects

AWS will provide the startups access to USD 5,000 worth of AWS credits which can be utilized with AWS Activate. A product of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Polkadot, a blockchain network, entered the Indian market with Polkadot Now India in April 2022.

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Zeeve Partners With Polygon Labs To Be a Key Infrastructure and Implementation Partner For Supernets

The collaboration will make the process of deploying and managing Supernets simple, making businesses and developers more likely to launch their blockchain along with secondary infrastructure such as wallet, explore, etc.

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Shemaroo Partners With Near Foundation To Encourage Web3.0 Digital Infrastructure In Media And Entertainment

Shemaroo will utilize the partnership to discover new use cases and identify new opportunities for decentralization, transparency, and immutability in the media & entertainment industry.

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Indian Businesses Are Betting Big On Web3 and Metaverse, But Hesitancy Exists

From a provider and developer perspective, India is one of the fastest-growing countries when it comes to Web3 and Metaverse. But can the same be said for India as an adopter and user?


Investing In a DAO Is Not a Child's Play; It's a Perplexing Decision For Both Sides

What is DAO? To put it in layman's terms, DAO is a system on a blockchain which allows decision-making to be fully autonomous and transparent, with no centralized governing body as the head. DAO consists of members who own tokens which gives them voting powers.

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Blockchain and Its Multi-Industry Utilities

The global market for blockchain technology, which stood at $5.92 billion in 2021, is expected to grow at a CAGR of a staggering 85.9% from 2022 to 2030 as per a report by Grand View Research.

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Tezos India Partners With Zeeve To Accelerate Blockchain Technology Adoption

With this, the brands aim to empower web 2.0 businesses to come on-chain and help developers at a mass level to deploy their applications on the blockchain without worrying about managing the infrastructure