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How this Blockchain Start-up is Focusing on Developing Web3 Talent in India

AlgoBharat, the Indian arm of Algorand, is aiming to broaden and invest in the Web3 ecosystem in India by broadening the developer base, investing in start-ups, and striking blockchain-acceleration partnerships.

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Blockchain Adoption among Indian States is the Future

While AI and Generative AI have shown their prowess and continue to evolve to improve their offerings, blockchain is not that far. In fact, one can say it's working at an equal level, just not in the spotlight. And Indian state governments are vouching for it. In recent times, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have introduced blockchain-based initiatives.



Distichain is a software-as-a-service B2B platform automating global trade, through an ecosystem of services in verification, fintech, and supply chain.


With Web3, We Can Build The World We Want To Live In

"The builder spark is alive in each and every one of us. It is existential: I build, therefore I am."


How Lingo Is Disrupting Loyalty Rewards Using Blockchain Technology

In the modern digital age, various sectors are being transformed by blockchain technology.

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Apple's Anti-NFT, Blockchain, and DLT App Store Policies Launch Lawmaker Probe

United States Representatives Gus Bilirakis and Jan Schakowsky highlighted the tech giant's guidelines that prioritise its profitability and diminish the utility of such applications. They particularly mention cases related to Coinbase and Axie Infinity.

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Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Real Estate Transactions? Here's What You Should Know.

Discussing cryptocurrency's influence on the real estate industry and what the future may look like.

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Tezos India Launches Third Edition Of TezAsia Hackathon

The initiative aims to amplify Web3 development and facilitate broader access to the Tezos blockchain platform throughout the Asia-Pacific region

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Zeeve Partners With India Blockchain To Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

The partnership aims to accelerate evangelism and adoption of blockchain across the Indian subcontinent and contribute to the Blockchain enabled infrastructure of the government, universities and various enterprises through multiple initiatives

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Blockchain Association Singapore and Bharat Web3 Association Sign MoU On Blockchain Technology

Under this agreement, BAS and BWA aim to jointly participate in blockchain-related advocacy, educational conferences, expos, and workshops

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5 Ways Web3 is Making Positive Social Impact

This decentralized system is not only enabling financial transparency and making enterprises more efficient but also creating a positive social impact in the world. Simply put, it is transforming several parts of the society.


Empresa colombiana Oiga Technologies fue adquirida por 10Pearls

La adquisición pretende potenciar las capacidades de 10Pearls en tecnologías emergentes. incluyendo la inteligencia artificial, en Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica.


Blockchain Could Help Us Combat Climate Change — Here's How.

Digital carbon plays a vital role in addressing climate change.

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Revolutionising Fine Art Investing. Making Million Dollar Affordable using Blockchain and NFTs

The democratization of fine art has been a longstanding goal in the art world, and recent advancements in technology, particularly the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain, have opened up new possibilities

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Blockchain and AI: A Match Made in Heaven for the Cement Sector

The integration of blockchain and AI can also address environmental concerns in the cement industry