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Toddler Accidentally Charges $2,000 at Walmart, Goes on Shopping Spree

The nearly two-year-old seems to have mastered the art of online shopping.


It's a fact that children these days are more technologically advanced than most of us were remotely close to when we were younger solely because, well, technology has just advanced so much.

Alan Schein Photography | Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for kids to toy around on their own iPads or video games, most becoming experts on the internet and some, as they get older, beginning to master social media.

And if you’re almost two-year-old Ayaansh Kumar, you’ve mastered the art of online shopping, so much so that you accidentally made a purchase of $2,000 on your parents’ Walmart account.

Pramod and Madhu Kumar of New Jersey began receiving numerous packages of furniture and other household items to their house to their complete confusion, as after discussing with one another, they realized that neither of them had placed the order.

But it was not in fact a random person sending the couple housewarming packages.

Madhu had been looking into furniture and other household items that she was interested in purchasing, but was adding them to her cart as she went in an attempt to save the items she liked and come back and look at them before deciding which ones she was going to purchase.

But once her son got ahold of her phone, it was game over.

"If you go online shopping, it asks you multiple times about the items you need to select and you have to click here to be able to confirm and then reconfirm to make sure before ordering, so I was really surprised to see how he was able to complete the whole transaction,” Pramod Madhu told Today. “We’re still getting the packages! We have a bunch of packages. Like today, there are two packages just sitting outside of our house.”

The couple said that they plan to return most of the purchases but to keep some for memory.

They also plan to add facial recognition features and more difficult passwords to their accounts and phones in order to avoid a second shopping spree.

Walmart has not yet chimed in on the incident.

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