The Wow-Maniya Factor Of Men's Grooming Industry

On International Women's Day, we tell you about the leading ladies creating the wow factor for men

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Gone are the days, when grooming was just associated with women. With evolution, the charm of good looks has captivated men. Today, men are more conscious of their personal hygiene and care.


On International Women's Day, we tell you about the leading ladies creating the wow factor for men.

India's male grooming industry is set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 45 per cent and is expected to touch INR 35,000 crore from the current INR 16,800 crore, according to a report by Indian industry body the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

"We have noticed a growing misconception around personal care that men can or cannot use. The biggest disruption has been helping men recognise that personal care does not need to be a minty five-in-one product. While we do not endorse a one-size-fits-all solution, hair is hair, and skin is skin, no matter your gender identity. That has been our approach at Juicy Chemistry, where we have focused on creating simplified products that address personal care concerns in a gender-agnostic format," Megha Asher, COO and co-founder, Juicy Chemistry

Over the years, the beauty industry has curated unisex products in order to bridge the gap between consumer behaviour and marketing.

"Over the last 12 months, we have seen our men's care brand PHY more than double its annual revenue, which is testimony to the growing awareness around men's care. More men are now vocal about aspects such as personal care and grooming. They are now open to trying product categories that were traditionally seen as feminine such as face wash, moisturizer, face serums, etc. But unlike women, most men don't want to delve into the complex details of products and their formulae, so they tend to rely on products from their family members. This brings unisex products into the picture as these bridge the gap between consumer behaviour and marketing while simplifying and addressing the functional needs of men," said Shivani Behl, chief marketing officer, Plum and PHY

The women at Fixderma India have been toiling hard to make skincare easily accessible to men. "Men's skin care needs are no longer restricted to face washes and moisturizers. Like women, they too need other products," said Shaily Mehrotra, CEO and co-founder, Fixderma India.

"Today, grooming is no longer a woman's thing. A man's skin goes through a lot and needs to be taken care of. Our formulations are carefully crafted keeping men's skin in mind. We strongly recommend anti-aging, hair protection and sun protection for men," she said.

Currently, the Indian market is seeing a boom in men's care brands. The Man Company, Bombay Shaving Company, Beardo, Man Arden, Ustraa, are just among the few names making quite a noise.