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Today it is decided wether or not to continue with daylight saving time in Mexico

Today an initiative to repeal daylight saving time will be voted.

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A few days ago, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that the advisability of maintaining the use of summer time in Mexico, which first came into force in 1996, would be analyzed . analyze in depth, in depth, and soon we will have an answer to explain it well to the people, because since we were in the opposition there is discomfort in the people because they were not consulted; There was talk of savings, but it was not shown that there were real savings in electricity. Now we want to see if those savings exist," explained the president.

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Today the Chamber of Deputies will vote for the initiative presented by the PRD deputy, Olga Luz Espinoza , who proposes the elimination of the measure that seeks to generate savings in the consumption of electrical energy. A study carried out by the Chamber of Deputies (titled "Summer Time. Background and Comparative Legislation ) mentions that the time change brings with it an increase in insecurity in the mornings (because it dawns later), effects on school performance and savings not perceived in the electricity consumption of Mexican families.

On the other hand, the deputy of Morena, Irma Juan Carlos , argues that the measure has never managed to deliver the savings it promises and does not respect the "God's schedule" of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. For her, the three main reasons for leaving the time change behind are: to respect the spiritual principle of harmony of indigenous peoples with nature, to avoid the disorder caused by the existence of different schedules and the lack of prior consultation among the population. .


The first time summer time was implemented in Mexico was during the government of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León , who published a decree to establish it in the Official Gazette of the Federation. According to the Trust for Energy Savings (FIDE) the measure provides a series of benefits such as " the reduction in the use of electricity by approximately one billion kilowatt hours, the reduction in the consumption of around 2.84 million barrels of oil per year, to generate electricity and also avoids the emission of 1.46 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere".

Daylight saving time is used in a large number of countries around the world and was first used during the First World War. There are countries like Mongolia, Turkey and Brazil that repealed it years after having implemented it. Will Mexico be next?

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