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'The Biggest Loss Our Nation Has Suffered in Decades': Cult-Favorite Concession Item Won't Return to 2022 Masters, Others Increase in Price

The concession menu for the 2022 Masters Tournament has undergone some unpopular changes.


The Masters golf tournament, famously dubbed "A Tradition Unlike Any Other," is one of the biggest events of the year for golf fans and players, and thousands make the trek to Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia to watch the biggest names in the sport play for one of its most coveted titles.

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But though the golf itself might be the main event, the Masters tournament is also notorious for something else — its surprisingly low concessions prices, including a plethora of cult-favorite items that fans come back for year after year.

With sandwiches and burgers selling for less than $2, the Masters' menu starkly contrasts to the overpriced food and beverage listings at many major sporting stadiums and matches, making $20 go a long way at the tournament.

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"Despite the simplistic green-and-white sandwich boards and no-frill menu offerings, innovations have taken place through the years, from offering breakfast, to building permanent concessions structures, to changing the commemorative cups," the Masters website reads.

One of these cult-favorite items is a dessert treat called the Georgia peach ice cream sandwich, which consists of a scoop of house-made peach ice cream served between two buttery sugar cookies.

Unfortunately for fans of the famous sandwich, it looks like there's some bad news heading into this year's tournament.

Due to supply chain issues that have been sweeping the country due to the pandemic and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the sandwich will be a no-go on menus in Augusta.

The news was first reported on Twitter by Golf journalist James Colgan, who cited the Amen Corner concessions stand. (The trio of holes 11, 12 and 13 are known as Amen Corner because they're the most difficult.)

Naturally, Masters fans and hopeful attendees were less than thrilled upon hearing the news.

And though some menu items have increased incrementally in price due to inflation (the most expensive being beer, which is now $5 a pop for either domestic or imported), most items still remain in the $1.50 to $3 range.

For devotees to the Masters menu, there's still reason to rejoice — the famed pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches are still $1.50 and very much still a go for 2022.

"The pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches have become an iconic food staple of the Masters Tournament, akin to the mint julep at the Kentucky Derby or the ceremonial drinking of milk by the winner of the Indianapolis 500," the tournament boasts of the bites. "They sit atop the Masters Menu, but they are uncomplicated affairs — creamy pimento cheese or egg salad spread between two pieces of white bread. Enjoyed at concession stands during the breakfast hour, through lunch and on into the afternoon on the grounds at Augusta National."

All other sandwiches, from the Masters club, to classic chicken, to a variety of cold-cut sandwiches, are $3.

Other notable cheap eats are the breakfast chicken biscuit and blueberry muffin (both $1.50) and the beloved Georgia pecan caramel popcorn, which also is going for $1.50 a pop (pun intended).

There are currently seven operating concession stands spread throughout the course.

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