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Scott Greenberg is an international speaker, consultant and author who helps franchisees grow their business. His book, "The Wealthy Franchisee," is available on Entrepreneur Press. More information about his resources for franchise brands and owners can be found at



How to Be A Wealthy Franchisee

It's a personality anyone can have. It's a byproduct of choices anyone can make.


Por qué boicotear las franquicias que operan en Rusia podría ser un error

La confusión sobre el modelo de negocio de las franquicias está provocando que los consumidores arremetan contra varias grandes marcas, pero la verdad es que es complicado.


Why Boycotting Franchises Operating in Russia Might Be Misguided

Confusion over the franchise business model is causing consumers to lash out at several big brands, but the truth is it's complicated.


Busting the Myths of Franchising

It's important to balance challenges with something personally meaningful.

Growing a Business

Use Aristotle's Advice to Hire Employees for Your Franchise

Aristotle's three modes of persuasion are useful for attracting new talent.

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