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This MLB Team Is Offering Fans a $25,000 Burger This Season

The Atlanta Braves have added quite a decadent addition to concession menus this year.


Sporting stadiums and games are known for exorbitantly priced food and beverages, from giant beers to ballpark hot dogs.

But one new menu item making its way to fans of the Atlanta Braves might just take the cake for over-the-top gametime meals.

The MLB team revealed that it will debut a new burger this season in honor of last year's World Series win called the World Champions Burger that fans can treat themselves to for a casual $151 at the Braves home stadium of Truist Park.

Yes, for one burger!

The burger itself is made from half a pound of pristine Wagyu beef and is topped with fried eggs, grilled lobster tail and gold leaf-wrapped foie gras, cheddar cheese, truffle sauce and, of course, lettuce and tomato all inside of a butter-toasted brioche bun.

Though the ingredients themselves are quite pricy, the specific price of the burger is meant to represent the 151-year anniversary of the Atlanta Braves as a team.

The burger also comes with a decadent side of parmesean waffle fries.

The $151 hunk of meat will also come alongside a replica of the team's World Series Championship ring, but if you're looking to cash in on an actual limited-edition World Series ring, complete with all the fixings, the burger price will increase to a nice and casual $25,000.

Truist Park will also be debuting several other over-the-top items on concession menus, including a a Big RiBi Sandwich, which boasts an entire rack of ribs topped with white sauce and pickles, at 1871 Grille; a Funnel Cake Fry Sundae, which consists of funnel cake fries smothered in cookie dough-flavored ice cream, at Fry Box and Potato Cutter; and the opening of a second Chick-fil-A restaurant inside the stadium itself.

Eater also reported that fans this season will be able to order food and drinks via the MLB Ballpark mobile app from their seats with multiple locations available for pick-up throughout the park.

Truist park opened for the season on April 7 when the Braves faced off against the Cincinnati Reds.

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