New Queens In Town: This NFT Project Is Empowering Female Entrepreneurship

Bossy Baddies is an NFT project partnering with charities to help foster female entrepreneurship

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There's a new female-founded NFT project in the marketplace, and its growing fast. Bossy Baddies is an NFT project partnering with charities to help foster female entrepreneurship. While there have been many successful NFTs, the industry still has a gender gap. Fewer women participate in the NFT space.


A study by ArtTactic found that women account for only 16 percent of the NFT market. The same research agency also claims 77 per cent of NFT sales for the past 21 months before November 2021 went to male creators. So it's refreshing to see more female-led NFT projects like Bossy Baddies reshaping the industry.

As NFTs gained tremendous popularity last year, women-led NFT projects boomed. For example, 13-year-old Nyla Hayes launched an NFT collection (the Long Neckie Brand) and became a multimillionaire in record time. Her work has generated $7 million so far. Another woman-led NFT project (the World of Women) sold out when it launched and generated more than $40 million in the first couple of weeks this year.

These projects and many other successful ones led by women, such as Sad Girls Bar, show the NFT marketplace is no longer primarily a male space. And the demand for female-led projects is bound to grow. After all, with women supporting women, the sky's the limit.

Bossy Baddies NFT project founder, Lauren Norden, has brought together some of the most talented names in Crypto, NFT, and marketing. Lauren is a marketing and brand strategist, advocate for women in business, and web3 enthusiast. She's partnered with her husband, CEO Erik Norden, an entrepreneur-investor, and blockchain enthusiast.

The project advisor is 0xFocus, co-founder of the successful Satoshi Runners project. Together with their team of bright creatives, industry leaders, and influencers, Bossy Baddies aims to impact women entrepreneurs by empowering females across the globe profoundly.

Bossy Baddies is a collection of beautiful NFT artwork dedicated to women impacting the world in real life and online. It has a limited collection size of 10,000, which is excellent for holders or investors because when supply is low, value tends to rise.

The project already has over 8,000 Twitter followers, 2700-plus members on Discord, and 200+ whitelist spots filled. All of that even though its journey only began two months ago. The entire collection will be 3D art and have over 550 traits.

3D NFTs are the next step up from 2D and a significant breakthrough in the marketplace. NFTs are unique, and 3D art is a perfect fit for the exploding metaverse – the next evolution of the Internet, propelled by the usability and versatility of NFTs. So 3D is a solid route for NFT projects, allowing creators to retain value beyond the intended scope more easily.

And the Bossy Baddies team didn't miss any of those points, creating a well-designed, professional NFT collection – unlike many of the other 3D NFTs in the space. There are no ugly, uninspiring, and amateurish designs in the 10,000 Bossy Baddies NFTs. Instead, every artwork has aesthetic uniqueness and intellectual and emotional depth.

Lauren's team will use some of its resources to help women pursue their passions and continue to impact the world positively. More specifically, 15 percent of all net mint proceeds will go to charities devoted to supporting women and helping them further impact industries.

The team will also hold an estimated 25 ETH within the community wallet for marketing to expand awareness and further the Baddies cause. They will donate some of these funds to charities. The community will be able to vote and decide which charities receive aid.

In addition, after the initial collection release, the team will launch unique, beautiful, and empowering merchandise that will be made available to all holders. They will coordinate with the best manufacturing companies to ensure the best quality.

At its core, the Bossy Baddies project is about women. There's no denying that the hurdles faced by women entrepreneurs are vast and quite different from those of their male counterparts. Females often have to defy social expectations, and getting funding may be more challenging.

A Babson College report in 2014 found only 6 percent of organizations with venture capital funding had women CEOs. The study also found that fewer early-stage investment goes to women entrepreneurs – even though data suggest venture capital-funded companies with female executives on the team perform better in several areas.

So Bossy Baddies is more than an NFT. The Baddies team truly understands what women face each day and recognize the hurdles they must overcome to break ground and make traction today. The team will announce the official mint price and date for Bossy Baddies later.