This Entrepreneur Is Decoding the Secrets To Wealth Compounding Through His First Book

Vivek Mashrani's book You Can Compound covers the secrets, strategies and a framework to compound money by investing in the stock market

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"We are taught how to work hard to earn money, but unfortunately our education system does not teach us how to earn a passive income and compound our hard-earned money effectively," said Vivek Mashrani, author of You Can Compound and founder, CEO - TechnoFunda Ventures.

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His book You Can Compound decodes how to learn, implement and refine the investing process. This book covers secrets, strategies and a framework to compound money by investing in the stock market.

"In this book You Can Compound, I have integrated principles of personal finance, building blocks to understand businesses, framework for buy-add-sell, risk management as well as powerful allocation principles. I have given my unique perspective to explain these concepts by blending business fundamentals as well as technical analysis principles. Further, I have simplified these concepts using TREE Analogy, MACHINE framework and many other such mnemonics so that investors at all levels would enjoy reading this book," he added.

The motivation behind this book was his learnings. "In my investing journey I have made several mistakes that caused severe loss of permanent capital. Also, I lost many years of compounding by not understanding the core principles. When I look back, I always thought that others should not repeat the same mistakes. This book is motivated by that commitment to give back to society and help them build excellent investing frameworks so that they can compound in their investing journey."

TechnoFunda Ventures is an initiative to provide financial literacy globally and particularly for Indian investors. It's a community-based approach with a blend of online and offline learning processes. It includes course modules, a virtual investing society for interaction between members, sophisticated automated tools and gamification through an implementation program. Overall, it's a holistic approach to exponentially grow in one's investing journey.

The platform has multiple touch points including YouTube Channels, a private learning system as well as a social network. The combined reach of all these would be more than 75,000. With the rapid adoption of the digital ecosystem, the platform is optimistic about the growth of financial space and overall literacy.

"Overall, although there is competition in the e-learning space, we have an ample addressable market for good. I feel we are still scratching the surface and have a lot more to do to make informed investors in our country. Key challenges are mainly the mindset of emerging investors to learn rather than falling into wrong advice. And of course support from the government to push this initiative further would be a welcome step."

The company is planning to collaborate with formal investor education organizations like NSE Academy, BSE Institute, NISM etc. to further help investors in their quest for quality financial awareness programs.

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