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Aby Sam Thomas

Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Middle East

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Entrepreneurs, You Are Not Entitled To Anything

Listen up, 'treps: you are never going to gifted anything on a silver platter; you're going to have to work hard for everything you want or dream about.
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Why It's Better For MENA Startups To Team Up Than Race Against Each Other

There's a lot more that can be achieved if entrepreneurial teams work together.

Batting It Out Of The Park: Zomato Founder And CEO Deepinder Goyal

How India's now-global startup struck out, hit home runs, and stays in the game.
Entrepreneur Ecosystems

Bolstering Entrepreneurship In Saudi Arabia: Badir CEO Nawaf Al Sahhaf

For an initiative that was launched in 2007 by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia, the Badir Program for Technology Incubators has come a long way since its inception.

Success Speaks For Itself: Whissle Hospitality Group

The co-founders of Whissle Hospitality Group –the company behind F&B brands like Okku, Claw and more in Dubai are all set to take their enterprise to the next level.
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Tackling Conflict At Your Startup By Finding Neutral Territory

Conflicts are to be expected at startups and, as an entrepreneur, you need to know how to tackle them.

Driven By Passion: Sobha Group Founder and Chairman P. N. C. Menon

As Sobha Group's founder and Chairman, Menon has essentially spearheaded the growth and development of the Sobha brand for over 40 years now, and he continues to do that to this very day.
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Time Is Money: Are You, As An Entrepreneur, Burning Through A Modern Currency?

In the modern economy, time really is money. How are you spending it?

Follow The Leader: Shailesh Dash, Founder And CEO, Al Masah Capital

Shailesh Dash shares the key to finding the right people and building a great set of team for an enterprising business.

Disrupting Diagnostics: Ziad Makhzoumi, CEO, MAP Sciences

This seasoned businessman's new project is all set to make waves in the healthcare sector

Follow The Leader: Dr. Karim El Solh, Co-Founder And CEO, Gulf Capital

Having deployed over half a billion dirhams in technology and e-commerce investments across the GCC, Gulf Capital is one enterprise that is making no secret of its concerted focus on the region's digital economy.
Leadership Strategy

Follow The Leader: Elie Khouri, CEO, Omnicom Media Group MENA

Here's a media exec who's well-versed with the changes happening in his sector, and he is making sure that his firm –a pioneering marketing services group in its own right- is in tune with the trends that are manifesting themselves in the MENA locale.
Crisis Management

Is Your Business Prepared To Handle A Crisis? Start By Acknowledging The Issue

There seems to be a tendency wherein companies here, when faced with a crisis or complaint on social media, prefer to, kind of, stick their heads in the sand, and, sort of, wish the problem away.

Doubling Down: Compareit4me.com Makes Every (Investment) Round Count

Since its launch in 2011, this enterprising startup has been able to raise a total of over $9 million so far, which is, by itself, a testament to how well this online comparison site is doing
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No Time Like The Present (To Become An Entrepreneur In The Middle East)

For those of us following the MENA entrepreneurial ecosystem, the last month was a blurry buzz of activity, almost from start to finish, where we were being confronted with one whopping announcement after the other.