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Adrienne Weiss and Greg Weiss

Adrienne Weiss and Greg Weiss

Authors and executives

Since 1986, Adrienne Weiss Corporation (AWC) has developed award-winning brands and identities for some of America’s most iconic companies. A three-generation family business based in Chicago, AWC is currently under the direction of Adrienne Weiss, founder and principal and Greg Weiss, president. In 2016, AWC marked 30 years in the industry with the publication of a brand building book, Brand Buzz, co-authored by Adrienne and Greg Weiss, and a series of branding workshops with the mission of sharing best practices with a corporate audience. For more information on AWC, please visit their website, .

Take It From The Pros

The Secret of Story Telling

Consumer touch points are opportunities to communicate. Walk in your customer's shoes and think about where they interact with your brand.