Alex Zagrebelny


Alex Zagrebelny, the founder and sole proprietor of R. Evolution Group, is the driving force behind one of the most innovative companies in the luxury real estate market. So far operating in the UAE, Latvia, Spain, and Germany, the group owes its success to Alex’s ingenuity, leadership, and strategic vision. With extensive expertise in real estate development since 1999, including significant experience in the UAE, Alex brings a pioneering perspective to R. Evolution Group. His meticulous attention to detail is paired with a visionary approach that incorporates the latest advancements in architecture, construction, sales, marketing, and company philosophy.

For over 25 years, Alex has been studying ancient sciences and philosophies, exploring their impact on individual well-being and development. Implementing this knowledge with the utmost sustainability and a responsible attitude towards the planet, he incorporates the latest advancements of modern civilization into all his projects. Relocating to Dubai in 2020 with his wife, Kate and two children, Alex considers his family his muses, inspiring him to create and develop new concepts and buildings. R. Evolution’s portfolio now boasts over 20 completed luxurious properties that have received prestigious local and international awards.

Alex’s vision for intellectual real estate development encompasses biophilic design, neuroarchitecture, decoding, storytelling and scenography. Rooted in ancient knowledge of human nature and utilizing the latest technologies and information technology (IT) solutions, he develops residential, office, and hotel facilities that tell stories of great people, achievements, nature, cultural traditions, and history. His vision aims to create a legacy for the future, inspiring the next generation of developers to contribute to a better world. His overarching vision includes well-being and health, energy efficiency, and sustainability, and unity with nature and community.


Growth Strategies

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