Artem Milinchuk

Founder of FarmTogether

Founded with a mission to bring transformative capital to farming while opening up a vital asset class to all investors, Artem Milinchuk aims to drive agriculture toward sustainability on a massive scale.

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Thought Leaders

How to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Market Downturn With Real Assets

Across the board, investors are increasingly looking for non-correlated assets to help cushion their portfolios in times of volatility. Here's why real assets can present an attractive opportunity for investors in 2023 and beyond.

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Here's How Inflation Might Impact Your Portfolio

While inflationary fears continue to run high, both domestically and overseas, an opportunity abounds for investors – through both traditional and alternative options.

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The New Era of Alternative Asset Allocation: 33-33-33

With a surge of alternative investment opportunities now available, one new strategic approach has emerged.

Money & Finance

Innovation, Fintech and the Future of Investing

As finance and technology continue to coalesce, the rise of new asset classes is set to change the industry forever.


Innovación, Fintech y el futuro de la inversión

A medida que las finanzas y la tecnología continúan fusionándose, el aumento de nuevas clases de activos cambiará la industria para siempre.

Money & Finance

The Evolution of Alternative Investments

How did the alternative market come to be, and what does the evolution of alternative investments hold for the future?

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