Beth Newton

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Marketing Strategist + Writer

Beth is the co-founder of alpha | BRAVO, a social media marketing agency that works with service-based B2B2C brands. She is a published author and an award-winning marketer with 30 years of experience.


Thought Leaders

Being a People Pleaser Almost Cost This CEO Her Clients. Here Are 4 Critical Lessons She Learned On Her Way to The Top.

Are you a people pleaser? I was — and as studies suggest, many other women are too. Here are four strategies that can help you shift from being an order taker to a strategic client partner.


Productivity Isn't The Problem — Lack of Creativity Is: Here Are 3 Ways To Foster A Creative Culture At Work.

We don't get to stretch our creative muscles like we used to. Here are three ways to bring it roaring back.

Social Media

3 Ways to Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Your Gig Career

As the economy comes back to life, more gig workers mean more competition for you. Here's how to use you LinkedIn account to stand out and secure the job.

Redes sociales

3 formas de aprovechar el poder de LinkedIn para su carrera profesional

A medida que la economía vuelve a la vida, más trabajadores de conciertos significan más competencia para ti. Aquí le mostramos cómo usar su cuenta de LinkedIn para destacar y asegurar el trabajo.

Social Media

4 Easy Ways to Show Your True Self On Social Media

Seventy percent of buyers feel more connected to a brand when its leadership is active on social media, and more than half will increase their spending with that brand. Here are four ways you can get personal with your audience in a way that drives awareness, interest, and revenue.

Redes sociales

4 formas sencillas de mostrar tu verdadero yo en las redes sociales

El setenta por ciento de los compradores se sienten más conectados con una marca cuando su liderazgo está activo en las redes sociales, y más de la mitad aumentará sus gastos con esa marca. Aquí hay cuatro formas en las que puede ser personal con su audiencia de una manera que genere conocimiento, interés e ingresos.

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