Bilal Aijazi

CEO of Polly

Bilal Aijazi is founder of the most popular app on major workspace-messaging platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat. Aijazi is a software-development generalist, having worked on code ranging from low-level OS kernel to mobile and web applications.

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Is It Time to Say Farewell to the Beloved Status Meeting?

Regular check-ins with your teams are not only inevitable, but they are also invaluable; however, the team or project status meeting — everyone's favorite — may have a foot in the grave.


How to Make Meetings Less Tedious and More Engaging

Professionals spend an excessive amount of time in meetings, and with remote work becoming a necessary part of the workplace, we're spending even more time than ever in them. Here's how to make the most of your meetings, and decide which ones you even need in the first place.


Cómo hacer que las reuniones sean menos tediosas y más atractivas

Los profesionales pasan una cantidad excesiva de tiempo en las reuniones, y con el trabajo remoto convirtiéndose en una parte necesaria del lugar de trabajo, estamos pasando más tiempo que nunca en ellas. Aquí le mostramos cómo aprovechar al máximo sus reuniones y decidir cuáles necesita en primer lugar.

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