Carina Harvey

Personal identity coach

Personal identity coach Carina Harvey built a successful career in human resources (HR) over two decades working for blue-chip organizations in London and Dubai. After experiencing several significant life changes, including redundancy, divorce, and miscarriage, Carina struggled with a loss of identity and purpose. During her years in the corporate world, Carina always had a love of fashion, and she was inspired to pursue a new career direction. Carina obtained several fashion and styling certifications, and attended Harvard Business School learning to adopt sustainable strategies. Later, while working as a stylist, Carina saw that many of her clients had also been through life changes, leading to a similar loss of identity. Carina realized she could offer a two-fold approach working with individuals to uncover limiting beliefs, and rebuild their confidence, internally and externally. In addition to individual coaching, Carina assists HR teams with developing their wellbeing agendas. 



Striking Out Alone: Developing Your Identity As An Entrepreneur

Whether this comes naturally to you or not, being the person who makes every single decision can test your self-esteem in ways you didn't even know possible.

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