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Chirag Prajapati

Chirag Prajapati

Co-founder, Digikonn

Chirag is a Co-Founder of Digikonn, a digital marketing company rendering their services in the areas of branding, contents strategic planning, digital marketing and conversation rate optimisation. Chirag, with an experience of 7+ year in the IT industry as senior digital marketer, has rendered his services to various industry verticals as a digital marketing consultant and thought provoking articles on various channels are there to his credit.

Digital Marketing

How to Create Snowball Effect with Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media and mobile apps are seen to play a big role when it comes to advertising a product
Online Marketing

The Dos and Don'ts of Digital Marketing

SEO optimisation is important, but in addition, it is necessary to formulate proper online marketing plans
SEO Tips

An Insight into The Futuristic Search & SEO

An entry to the market has become quite easy but to achieve and maintain growth has perplexed genius marketing brains

Pay-per-click Advertising: A Winning Game of Branding

A PPC ad campaign through Google and Bing is sure to generate satisfactory traffic on your website
Food Tech

How a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Can Convert Crowd into Customers

Strategy for any business, be it a business of a food service industry or other, has two fundamental processes - formulation and implementation
Digital Marketing

Sound Content Strategy Only Way to Combat the Competition

Contents voice a brand of the company and the voicing should have the soul conveying the message in the right direction, for the right purpose
Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Measure Digital Marketing Campaign

More than the number of posts one makes on a day, it is crucial to ascertain the right thought process that worked in the drafting of each post
Artificial Intelligence

How AI-enabled Real-time Optimization Will Shape Content in Future

Digital marketers can well frame a strategy based on this analysis of the pinpointed audiences from different domains