Chris Kelleher

Chris Kelleher is an award-winning small-business advisor and attorney. He's also a sought-after speaker and the founder and resident legal guru of The Law Firm For Businesses, a boutique law firm that helps business owners creatively solve their business and legal problems.


Growing a Business

The New Junk Fax Law: An Overview

Find out how the new law changes the way you're able to fax information to customers.

Growing a Business

Benefiting From the New Bankruptcy Law

How this year's bankruptcy act protects you if one of your customers or tenants files for bankruptcy

Business News

Beware These Biz Scams

Our legal expert shares two new -- and ingenious -- scams every business owner should know about.

Growing a Business

Beware of These Business Scams

Our legal expert shares two new--and ingenious--scams every business owner should know about.

Business News

Keeping It Top Secret

Keep competitors away from your formula for success. Use these five rules to protect your trade secrets.

Starting a Business

How to Protect Your Business's Trade Secrets

These five rules will help safeguard some of your company's most important assets.

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