Darpan Munjal

Founder & CEO, Squadhelp.com

Darpan Munjal is the CEO and founder of Squadhelp.com, a leading naming platform with over 30,000 customers and 300,000 creatives globally. Munjal is a serial entrepreneur and has over 25 years of experience leading disruptive and internet-focused businesses.


Thought Leaders

Is Trust or Innovation More Important for a Brand in 2021?

In these evolving times, it is more important than ever to stay true to your core values and brand positioning.


¿Es la confianza o la innovación más importante para una marca en 2021?

En estos tiempos de evolución, es más importante que nunca mantenerse fiel a sus valores fundamentales y al posicionamiento de su marca.

Science & Technology

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Listados millonarios en Internet: cómo la venta de dominios es la nueva inversión inmobiliaria

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How to Avoid Toxic Positivity

When it comes to branding, stay positive but don't overdo it.

Thought Leaders

Finding Success During Trying Times

Even in a pandemic, if you identify and meet the needs of your customers, you will thrive.

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