David Z. Morris

David Z. Morris

David Z. Morris is a contributor for Fortune, writing frequently about technology.

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You May Have to Pay More for Ecommerce Orders Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

New report says each $1 increase in average hourly wages would add $1 million in costs to a warehouse with a staff of at least 500.

What Does Twitter's Algorithmic Feed Mean for Social Marketing?

It's potentially disruptive for the many businesses who use Twitter and Instagram to try and reach customers.

MIT Students Win Hyperloop Competition, Where Musk Makes Surprise Appearance

SpaceX organized the Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend at Texas A&M in College Station to help accelerate development of a functional Hyperloop.

Why Tesla's Gigafactory Could Be Obsolete Before It Even Opens

A disruptive shadow looms over Tesla Motors' giant Nevada-based battery facility.

Are Trains and Self-Driving Cars Headed for a (Political) Collision?

The promise of autonomous vehicles is becoming a talking point for opponents of mass transit systems.

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