Dee French

Business & Life Strategist | Talent Acquisition | Global Speaker

Dee French is an author of three books and has been published in numerous publications. She is the founder of Efficiency Consulting. She teaches entrepreneurs leadership-development strategies that help them get more done, have a stronger mindset and build their business.


Health & Wellness

Leaders Facing the Unknown: Part 2

Businesses who adapt to meet their team's needs best will rise above the rest of the pack.


Líderes que enfrentan lo desconocido: Parte 2

Las empresas que se adaptan para satisfacer mejor las necesidades de su equipo se destacarán del resto del grupo.


Leaders Facing the Unknown: Part 1

Navigating the challenges presented in a pandemic.


Líderes frente a lo desconocido: parte 1

Navegar por los desafíos que presenta una pandemia.

Growing a Business

Transform Your Business by Encouraging Experimentation and Change

Deliberate planning and careful execution make for a successful venture.

Growing a Business

Increase Revenue and Include Your Teammates With These 4 Strategies

Inclusion can impact the bottom line, and an astute leader will not take such an opportunity lightly.

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