Deepa Vaidya


Designing Products Based on Honesty and Customer Needs

Kumar believes having a solid business helps create for longer term and make it sustainable

Un-junking the Creativity Vs Business Myth

Gautam relies heavily on customer feedback for product development

Training Focus on D2C 2.0

Singal to support companies that connect India to Bharat

Taking A Calibrated Approach To Funding

Agarwal already looking at start-ups in climate tech, climate + fintech

Open to Investing in Promising Companies Post-revaluations

DBR Ventures positive about the next year and start-ups in the space sector

Offering Localised, Vernacular After-School-Tutoring

With India's first vernacular e-learning platform, Saini looks to capture 40% of their target customers

Enabling Data-driven Career Choices

Bhartiya looks to grow 10x and reach new geographies this fiscal

Impacting Competitive Exam Preparation With A Purpose

Singh looks to reach another million paid students this fiscal and earn revenues of $70-$75 million

Innovation is Going to be Key in The D2C Space

Das looks at 5x growth this fiscal and growth from brand building through website

The Toy Maker

Gupta cites reaching customers at good marketing costs as a challenge

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