Divya Jain

CEO & Co-Founder, Safeducate


News and Trends

How To Stay Relevant During the Pandemic Through Up-skilling

While our education system rightly focuses on providing a strong theoretical learning experience, there always remained a gap in introducing professional skills at the graduate level

News and Trends

Can Edtech Replace Traditional Classroom Learning Post-COVID Outbreak?

The traditional classroom-based education system needs to accept its insufficiency and join forces to refine knowledge and learning in the post COVID era

Growth Strategies

Here's What Indian Companies are Doing to Assist Government's Skill Development Idea

Corporates are now taking charge of accelerating the Skill India initiative by addressing employee skill-gaps

Growth Strategies

Role of Skill Development in Enriching Employment in India

Industry reports indicate that more than 50,000 jobs in data science and machine learning are lying vacant due to the shortage of qualified talent

News and Trends

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship in Asia

It is being regarded as one of the key drivers of economic growth and sustainable development

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