Dr. Yasho V Verma

Dr. Yasho V Verma

Guest Writer / Management Thinker & Philosopher

Dr. Yasho V Verma is also a former COO at LG, an academician, a startup mentor and a veteran in consumer durables. Currently, he is advisor to Videocon and a member on board of Dena Bank. Dr. Verma is a PHD in organizational behavior from IIT Kharagpur.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: 10 Things You Must Know

Emotional Intelligence as a wide array of learned competencies and skills and not merely as innate talents,
Talent Management

5 roadblocks startup employees face from their bosses

Talent Management is most crucial for emerging businesses, it must be backed by mindfulness from founders.

Success is a result of knowledge and positive attitude which result in ideas and opportunities

An opportunity is a favorable set of circumstances that creates the need for a new product, service or business idea

'A business idea may or may not be a business opportunity'

As the old saying goes-- if it were easy, everyone would do it.
Reality Check

5 realities Indian entrepreneurs have to face to be successful

It is important to understand some realities associated with being an entrepreneur and eyeing success.

5 myths about startups in India

It is important to understand some myths associated with starting up and being an entrepreneur.
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