Gauravkumar Kate

Gauravkumar Kate

Co-Founder, LegalDocs

About Gauravkumar Kate

Gauravkumar Kate, Co-Founder of LegalDocs, a unique legal documents and
compliance portal which make legal documentation and compliance as easy as
ordering on ecommerce. Gauravkumar had an opportunist and entrepreneur
mindset from his childhood, back in 2000 when Gaurav’s 10 year old classmates
were performing and enjoying school gathering, he was smartly making money by
selling flower garments 4 times higher than purchase price. That was his starting
point, he continued his entrepreneurship journey and one become the head of
entrepreneur cell of his college and then manager of Innovation and Product
Development team at Lodha Group and Then starting his own organisation
LegalDocs. Fortunately, with his willpower and determination, he could realise his
dream. The 29-year old young professional is now riding high on a success wave
with his 2-year old legal documentation portal.

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