Gero Decker

Gero Decker

Co-founder and CEO, Signavio


Why Customer-centricity Wins Out Every Time

Customer-centricity is synonymous with successful businesses, especially as markets are saturated with more choice than ever, and savvy customers are increasingly empowered to explore their options

Process Excellence and Customer Satisfaction: Can Disruptors Have Both?

Focusing on process excellence is essential to performance, but it also has the potential to shift the central vision of a company away from the customer. Read how you can simultaneously achieve process excellence and customer satisfaction.

5 Things Disruptive Startups Must Consider When Setting Up Business Processes

For many disruptors, finding the right time to transition into the next period of growth while keeping up with - and scaling - their offering is a significant challenge. This is where business process management (BPM) comes in.

4 Ways Business Process Management Solutions Can Transform Big Banks

Despite the finance sector's rapid rate of change, the cost of non-compliance is colossal, and there's no question that financial institutions need to change their relationship with compliance

The Power of Data: Four Ways Process Mining Can Save Your Business

Businesses today are not reaping the benefits of what we call 'process mining', instead relying on human instinct as a metric of process efficiency

How to Scale with Robots: Automation Done Right

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the way of the future when it comes to successfully scaling your business, but doing it well is more complex than a one-size-fits-all approach.

How to Battle Agile Complacency in Your Company

If agility is just tinkering around the edges, no one really understands the true, core processes at the heart of everything

Building Entrepreneurial Connections in a Changing Market

A network is a blunt instrument if those within it can only make plans, but are unable to take action

How to Embrace Uncertainty, and Create a Culture of Innovation

When business leaders aren't prepared for uncertainty in overall markets, employees become uncertain about their future

The Best Way to Future-proof Any Business

Future of GDPR global compliance isn't about penalizing organizations, it's about protecting the consumer

Why CEOs Need A Broader, More Transformative Culture Of Innovation

Imagine a future in which industry transformational shifts aren't seen as ruinous, but opportunities for employee engagement

Don't Want Your Business to Stagnate? Keep Your Customer At the Centre

Your culture needs to be customer-first, but more importantly, it needs to be action oriented

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