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A Man Who Won $30 Million from the Chinese Lottery Says He'll Keep It Secret from His Wife and Child in Case It Makes Them Lazy

He donned a bright yellow costume to accept his winnings — it is traditional in China for lottery winners to claim their prizes in costume so they can remain anonymous.

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A Tripadvisor Reviewer Left a Scathing One-Star Rating for a Marriott Resort After Witnessing a Crocodile Drag a Guest Into the Ocean

The reviewer said her friends had to save the guest and were left "traumatized."

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A Controversial Bitcoin Mining Operation Has Made a New York Lake 'So Warm You Feel Like You're in a Hot Tub'

Local residents say a power plant is heating Seneca Lake and emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

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Bill Gates Reportedly Told His Golf Buddies That His Marriage to Melinda Gates Was 'Loveless'

He and Melinda French Gates jointly announced their divorce early this month.

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Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin Are Now Worth More Than $100 Billion, Making Them 2 of Only 8 Centibillionaires in the World

Their net worths have soared by a collective $40 billion during the pandemic thanks to soaring tech stocks.

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Warren's Wealth Tax: How Much Bezos, Musk, Gates and Zuckerberg Would Pay

The 15 richest Americans would contribute about a third of the tax, two tax groups said.

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