Greg Wells


Greg Wells is a scientist, professor and author. He is an expert on human performance in extreme conditions.

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How to Wake Up Early Without Sacrificing Your Sleep

Regulate your body's clock so you can maximize your own energy and productivity.


The Science Behind How Sleep Makes You Smarter

A good night's sleep is the foundation of physical health and mental energy.


Are You Singletasking Yet?

You sure should be. Focusing on one, important item at a time will make you more competent and productive.

Health & Wellness

3 Ways Walking Away From Your Desk Makes You Smarter

When the body moves the brain functions better.

Making a Change

The Power of 1 Percent Better

Making little improvements in your lifestyle each day will earn you big rewards in the future.

Thought Leaders

The 3-Step Process for Countering Negativity: Act -- Think -- Feel

Business owners face stressful decisions all the time. Here's how to perform under pressure.

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