Gurinder Bhatti

Gurinder Bhatti

Guest Writer
Co-Founder, Opulence Career Options

About Gurinder Bhatti

Gurinder Bhatti is the co-founder of Opulence Career Options, a leading consultancy firm that provides immigration services including permanent residency and business investment visas, to anyone who is aspiring to work and settle abroad.  He is responsible for handling the entire organization, with a major focus on financial planning as well as handling the sales & marketing for the entire group.

Gurinder is a certified OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner) as well and has undertaken training for being an education agent at some of the most premier institutes in the world. With Opulence Career Options, Gurinder has managed to create a platform for professionals who are keen to settle abroad for economic prosperity, helping them out with services like permanent residency and business investment visas through a legal, transparent, personalized, cost-effective, and hassle-free approach.


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