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Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Founder and Managing Director of Omnicore

Hafiz Muhammad Ali, a digital marketing coach, is the founder and Managing Director of Omnicore, a Dubai-based digital marketing agency. 

Digital Marketing

Four Ways To Close The Digital Leadership Gap

If you consider yourself a digital leader, you're in luck. It turns out that digital leaders are in high demand.
Video Marketing

Five Reasons To Include Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Online videos are a powerful way to attract traffic, convert that traffic to sales, and establish brand credibility online.
Growth Strategies

Three Problems With Your Landing Pages That Are Costing You Sales

Landing pages can convert much better if you avoid these three common mistakes.

Four Keyword Research Tips For UAE-Based Small Businesses

Small businesses can make the most out of their digital marketing efforts by investing time upfront in keyword research.
Digital Marketing

Five Red Flags That Can Destroy Your Google Ranking

Are you sure you're not making these mistakes? Here's how you can avoid a plummeting ranking in Google