Haroon Baig


Does Berlin And London Hard Fork Solve Ethereum’s Scalability Issues? Not Really!

Ethereum is striving to lay the red carpet for Ethereum 2.0, one of the biggest upgrades in the history of any public blockchains. 2021 has undoubtedl...

Cross-Chain Interoperability: Transforming The Decentralized Ecosystem

The blockchain economy is growing at a phenomenal rate from the last few years due to a broadening adoption curve, awareness, and interest from instit...

The Republic Of The Saviour Takes The Mantle As The Republic Of Digital Gold As El Salvador Crowns Bitcoin As Its Legal Tender

El Salvador made twitter trends, media headlines, and front-page mentions during the 2021 Bitcoin Conference when President Nayib Bukele introduced hi...

Ethereum’s Berlin and London hard fork: The biggest upgrades providing a tailwind for the upcoming ETH 2.0

2021 is a year of progress for Ethereum, as it goes through some of the major network upgrades to take a big leap forward from its Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Every year, the Ethereum network goes through periodic upgrades to bring necessary improvements to its underlying architecture. However, two of the most […]

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