Jani Ahonala

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Jani Ahonala is a serial entrepreneur who believes in our collective ability to improve healthcare through innovation and equal access. As a writer, he explores the intersection of entrepreneurship and personal growth — wisdom he wishes someone would have shared with him when he was starting out.

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Los 3 tipos de "no" que todo emprendedor debe conocer (y cómo aprender del rechazo)

El rechazo es una parte dolorosa del proceso de emprender. Aprender a identificar el tipo de negativa que recibes puede enseñarte a crecer a partir de ella.

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3 Types of "No" Every Entrepreneur Should Learn (and How to Thrive From Rejection)

Rejection is a painful part of entrepreneurship, but learning to identify different types of "nos" can teach you how to thrive from it.

Thought Leaders

You've Been Upgraded: A Simple Story That Helped Me Build Resilience

How a simple philosophy helped me build resilience by not stressing about what is not in my control and never allowing rejection to divert me from my passion.

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