J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth is the founder and editor of the personal finance blog getrichslowly.org and the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual.

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How to Know When to Move On From the Business You Built

Figure out if the next step in your business is to leave it.

Money & Finance

Divide and Conquer: Why You Should Separate Your Personal and Business Funds

Many entrepreneurs struggle to separate the value of their business from their own net worth (and self-worth).


4 Ways to Keep Learning Beyond the Classroom

You don't have to get a new degree to expand your knowledge base.

Money & Finance

So You're Being Audited. Now What?

Seven steps to get you through the ordeal.


How to Make the Most of Your Money While on Vacation

Start with focusing on these three vacation expenses.

Personal Finance

Manage Your Home Economics as If You Are Running a Business, and Watch Your Savings Grow

Don't fall into the trap of expending a great deal of energy for a small financial payoff.

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