Jeff Jani

CEO of AuthenticID, Inc.

Jeff Jani is a creative innovator and business strategist who has developed creative concepts and patented technologies into viable business enterprises on a worldwide scale.

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Science & Technology

Want to Protect Your Identity and Control Your Data? Here's How Digital Identity Wallets Make That Possible.

Our data and identity are at risk, but there is a solution: a decentralized wallet.

Science & Technology

How Your Identity Is Tied to Your Mental Health — and How Innovative Technology Can Help Protect Both

Unlikely allies: cyber identity protection and your mental health.

Science & Technology

Passwords Are Now a Weakness — Here's Why It's Time to Eliminate Them.

Passwords, while they may seem essential, are an outdated form of security that needs to be reevaluated.

Science & Technology

The Solution to Preventing Identity Theft in an Increasingly Digital World

Having control of your identity is no longer a pipe dream. Here's how you can prevent your identity from being stolen.

Science & Technology

Identity is Your Birthright, and It Must Be Protected

Your identity is a crucial part of your existence and deserves to be protected.

Science & Technology

Future NFT Value Will Be About Utility, Not Just Collectibility

NFTs have the potential to be infinitely useful in many industries by increasing security and processing costs for transactions and providing a new platform for the gig economy to work through.

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