JJ Ramberg

JJ Ramberg

JJ Ramberg is the author of It's Your Business, host of MSNBC's Your Business and founder of GoodSearch.com, a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates to charity with each search.


JJ Ramberg: Focus on the 'Why' to Hook Customers, Investors

Sure, you need to tell people "what" you do. But they'll be far more interested in "why" you do it, says TV host and entrepreneur JJ Ramberg.

Moving Made Cheaper and Greener

Spencer Brown takes the bite out of moving--the cost and the waste.

Building Up Teams--and Communities

These entrepreneurs help companies become teams, and they make it easy to give back.

Solar Power for All

These brothers have set big goals, but that's the only way to make big change.

Happy Babies, Happy Planet

Bored while her baby slept, this mother created organic, cloth diapers.

Star Power

This entrepreneur is enlisting a little help from Hollywood to meet her double bottom line.

Helping Artisans Thrive

One entrepreneur turned his desire for cultural preservation into a booming business.

Looking Out

For Danielson Designs, creating a successful business was just another way to help the community.

Natural Instinct

Thanks to Mark Laska, the urban jungle is getting a little greener.

Trash Talks

By spurring change, Tom Kemper made himself a nice chunk of it.

Sole Saver

Blake Mycoskie found his inspiration in the needs of others and created a booming shoe business in the process.

Friend or Foam

For some, starting a business is all about natural beauty.

Eco Tripping

Bruce Poon Tip has a basic motto for people interested in booking a vacation with his company: "If you want to travel and have all the comforts of home, I suggest you stay at home."

Cause and Effect

Lisa Knoppe Reed has a very unique work force. "They feel lucky to have a job, and I feel lucky to work with them," she says.

It's in the Bag

You'll never catch Andy Keller answering "plastic" to the "Paper or plastic?" question at the grocery store. As a matter of fact, you won't hear him answering "paper," either.

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