John Monarch

D2C Ecommerce Expert

John Monarch is an experienced executive and lifelong entrepreneur, having led multiple 8-figure startups in technical spaces such as Web3 and Blockchain, AI, and supply chain.

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Science & Technology

How AI Can Revolutionize Our Broken Supply Chain

Supply chains have become increasingly fragile — but technology can help humans forge new strength.

Science & Technology

Can Blockchain Help Fix Broken Supply Chains in 2022?

Blockchain in Supply Chain was a hot topic - then fell very quiet. Where is it today?

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How Ecommerce Startups Can Navigate the Supply Chain Logjam

Consumer expectations of speedy delivery and an unprecedented supply chain backlog have come into conflict. Which will give first?


Cómo las empresas emergentes de comercio electrónico pueden navegar por el atasco de la cadena de suministro

Las expectativas de los consumidores de una entrega rápida y un retraso sin precedentes en la cadena de suministro han entrado en conflicto. ¿Cuál dará primero?


5 Rules Effective Leader Should Try to Live By

Being a boss is different than being a leader.

Thought Leaders

Why Personal Goals and Hobbies Are Essential For A Fulfilling Career

They give you perspective and make you better at your job.

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