John W. Verity


Happy Trails

Renting software on the Internet

Wowee Zowee!

No one clicking on your Web ads? Don't tone down--dazzle!

Post Haste

If you've got a printer and Internet access, you've got postage.

No Money Down

Making e-commerce as free as can be

Straight To The Source

Forget the hassles of licensing software. Feel free to play with the programming. And hey, there's no purchase cost.


New services allow you to send oversized files across the Net.

Get It Together

All the Web you need, uncluttered and fit to you

Spread The Wealth

Current solutions make it high time to link all your computers to the Internet.

For Rent

When you can't afford to buy the software you need

MAC Attached

Should you opt for a Macintosh over a PC? That depends on what you want.

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