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Jon Richards

Jon Richards

Guest Writer / Co-founder and CEO, yallacompare

Jon Richards is the co-founder and CEO of yallacompare, the leading finance comparison site in the Middle East.

Customer Service

AI Can't Solve All Of Our Customer Service Problems (Yet)

While efforts to use artificial intelligence to drive customer service mean well, at this point, you still can't beat good, old-fashioned human interaction.
Venture Capital

Why The UAE's New Venture Capital Regulations Will Help The Ecosystem

The announcement contains plenty for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to sink their teeth in to.
Growing a Business

Diversifying Your Business: Broadening Your Product Portfolio

The timing of adding additional products or expanding one's geography is probably less about a set time or a set formula, and actually more down to the nature of the business and the economics of that...
Startup Basics

Seeking Investment For Your Startup? Do Your Homework First

It goes without saying: whether you're looking for seed, angel or VC funding, you need to be prepared.