Jurgen Appelo

Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, CEO of Happy Melly

Jurgen Appelo is CEO of the business network Happy Melly. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, illustrator and blogger and the author of Managing for Happiness.

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Thought Leaders

How Hiring an Assistant Has Made Me Happier

Hiring an assistant forces you to dissect how you make recurring decisions.


You Can't Succeed at Sales Working in Failure Mode

Customers buy products because of awesome marketing, not because of an awesome salesperson.


Purpose Is Created Through Hard Work

Persistence can change your circumstances, but it also changes you.

Growing a Business

Don't Copy Tips and Tricks. Be Valuable and Remarkable.

All presidents of the United States wore ties. So will wearing a tie get you into the White House? I don't think so.

Growing a Business

There Are Only 2 Guiding Principles for All Entrepreneurs

Increase the experiments and shorten the feedback cycle. That's it.

Money & Finance

Make Your Prices Fair and Scalable, Globally

Consider that the average customer in Oslo can afford a higher-priced Starbucks latte than someone in New Delhi.

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