Karan Kakkad

Karan Kakkad

Founder, Reverse Factor

About Karan Kakkad

Karan Kakkad, at a young age of 32 years, is an International Nutri-genomics & Disease Reversal expert based in India. Although based in Kolkata, he travels globally researching and also seeing patients from all over the world. Apart from being an expert in Holistic Nutrition, he is also associated with American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). With extensive research in the field of biotechnology & Nutri-genomics, he has represented India in prestigious global biotech events like BioKorea in South Korea and BioConclave in London.

His passion in Medical Nutrition led to the birth of Reverse Factor which is backed by extensive research in the field of Nutrigenomics - The scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. Nutri-genomics has revolutionized the world of prevention, treatment and reversal of mighty diseases.


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