Karan Moodley

Karan Moodley enjoys learning new things and rising to challenges. In addition to taking third place in his class and dominating the chessboard, he is working towards a bachelor of engineering degree in computer systems engineering at Middlesex University Dubai, demonstrating his dedication to expanding his knowledge and experience in the technology sector.

His passion for technology propelled him to earn a certificate in Python from the University of Michigan, a development that further cemented his love for technology and coding. He also finished the Sri Sathya Sai International Leadership Programme (SSSILP), which helped him develop his leadership abilities and embrace moral principles like honesty, hard work, and selflessness. In addition, he holds a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification in Business English, which highlights his wide range of skills and interests.

Karan has also started a podcast with friends on technology and gaming outside of academia. This project provided a lively forum for connecting with like-minded people and discussing passions. All of these events have shaped Karan into someone keen to use his abilities and concepts to make a significant difference, and he is eager to see where this path leads him next. 


Starting a Business

From Idea To Prototype: Insights From A Student Entrepreneur's Journey

From our personal perspectives, we're excited to keep working on this project- we believe that it is a great example of how coming together, sharing ideas, and using technology can create something unique that helps many people.

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