Katie Burkhart

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Asking, “What's the point?” to make the most of your time

Katie Burkhart is the mastermind behind MatterLogic™, the only system for running a business in the value economy. An essentialist thinker, Entrepreneur contributor, thoughtful speaker, and jargon slayer, she shifts your focus by asking “What’s the point?” Connect on LinkedIn and subscribe to WTP.

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7 Common But Ineffective Business Strategies You Need to Be Aware of

Because strategy centers on making choices, every business has a strategy. Here are seven common but ineffective strategies — and how to make better choices.

Thought Leaders

We've Been Looking At Work the Same Way for Generations. It's Time to Shift Our Focus.

The false story at the heart of free-market capitalism shaped decades of work. It's time to design something better.


Here's Why Your Team Needs to Say 'No' More Than 'Yes'

In a world warped around hyper-efficiency, the most strategic productivity tool is the word 'no.'

Growing a Business

Trying to Do Everything Is Slowly Killing Your Business

You can't be everything to everyone. Here's how to set your focus and work backward to make the most of your time.


Most of What You Know About Business Purpose Is Wrong

Just because your business makes a positive impact somewhere along the line doesn't mean it's purpose-driven.


La mayor parte de lo que sabe sobre el propósito comercial es incorrecto

El hecho de que su negocio tenga un impacto positivo en algún punto de la línea no significa que esté impulsado por un propósito.

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